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Ranch Hand Truck & ATV Solar Lighting System

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Product Details

The System is designed to EASILY fit into most Truck, ATV or UTV receivers and be installed to total height quickly and easily once you have arrived and are stationary at your destination.

2 Mounting Options:

2" - Truck Receiver

1.875" - ATV/UTV Receiver * MUST WEIGH 900 LBS OR MORE


  • 1000w LED Circular Solar Light
  • Light Fixture Weight 15lbs
  • 100,000 Lumens
  • Auto Dim
  • Remote Control
  • Nighttime Sensor
  • Working Temp -40 to 135 F / -40 to 55 C
  • Working Hours 50,000


  • 14' Pole System
  • Patent Pending Lowering Hinge
  • 2" Truck Receiver Mount OR
  • 1.875 ATV / UTV Receiver Mount

DISCLAIMER: Please note that we DO NOT recommend driving with the solar lighting systems in their upright position. If you choose to drive with the system installed in the receiver, please do not exceed 5mph and have an abled body person in the back of the vehicle stabilizing the system while doing so.

NOTE that your warranty will be VOID if customer is found to have driven with system installed.

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